Profesional Plan

This service offers a specific program for players who wish to improve their level and climb positions in the ATP / WTA or junior ITF rankings.

Find out about our program for professional players.

They will have a trainer per court, who will work daily at a specific level following a work plan carefully planned and planned.

It will work with two players per court, except in some occasions where specific work is carried out in which you can work in groups or even alone.

In this program the managers assigned to each player will make a daily follow-up that will mark the calendar to follow and the tournaments that the players will play according to level, age and potential of each one of them.

Thanks to the great variety of competitions that take place in Barcelona and its surroundings every week, you can obtain a great competitive experience; competitions that will always assist a coach to supervise and analyze the performance of each of the players assigned to this work plan.

The physical preparation will be done in small groups of no more than 4 people and will also be a personalized work and attention to detail to develop the physical capabilities of each player.

All this supervised and with the approval of both Marcel Granollers and Pere Riba, who will provide their expert opinion based on their extensive experience in the circuit.

This plan can be done in the mornings, afternoons or both and a different planning is carried out according to the needs and availability of each one of the players.

> In the morning hours the player will do two hours of tennis daily and one hour of physical just after. The hours available are from 8.30h to 13h.

> In the afternoons we will work on the track for two hours to choose between 2 a.m. to 6 p.m. and a physical hour will be made right after.

> The full schedule consists of the same schedule in the morning and an additional hour of tennis in the afternoon. The hours available for this planning are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are located in Barcelona, ​​whenever necessary it will be possible to have sparring at the level so we can prepare each week accordingly and on the surface where we compete taking advantage of the great facilities that we have at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona .

We also have varied accommodation options that adapt to the situation of each individual, close to the training facilities and adequate to rest and regain strength every day.

For more information about our facilities, click here.

At GR Tennis Barcelona we also take care of the personal development and work values ​​of each of our players, so the assignment of the coach who will act as a tutor and liaison with the family is an important and vital decision for the growth and evolution of each of our players.

The nutritional advice is included in this program and we consider it an important detail that can make a difference. The follow-up is weekly and will be kept in contact whenever necessary between the player and the nutritionist.

The prices of this program are adjusted to the needs of the player.

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