Elite Plan

"This program is aimed at those players both ATP and WTA that require a personalized plan and their own technical body that fully adapts to their needs"

This service offers a specialized program for TOP ATP and WTA players, advising the player throughout the season.

Find out about our program for elite players.

This program is aimed at those players both atp and wta that require a personalized plan and their own technical body that fully adapts to their needs.

In GR Tennis we consider our players the most important of our resources, for that reason we face our collaboration individually as a unique opportunity to contribute what is necessary to progress in their game and achieve new levels of excellence. Before starting the work, we hold meetings and specific tests to define the needs and concerns of each player, we also like to record technical gestures periodically to ensure a thorough monitoring of them, thanks to this we have material in the that support us to build the correct biomechanical evolution of the player.

A coach of our coaching staff will be assigned in an exclusive way that will not only travel with the player all season, but will also be in charge of managing all aspects of the same. In addition to this a physical trainer will be added who will work with the player exclusively in the academy and will be in charge of controlling the physical aspect of the player even when traveling.

All this supervised and with the approval of both Marcel Granollers and Pere Riba who will contribute their expert opinion based on their extensive experience in the circuit.

If you want to know more information about our methodology, visit the GR Tennis website.

Mornings and afternoons will be held according to technical decision, always following a specific plan according to the schedule agreed between the player and the coaching staff.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are located in Barcelona, ​​whenever necessary it will be possible to have sparring with level so we can prepare each week accordingly and on the surface where we compete taking advantage of the great facilities that we have at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona .

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We have an expert physiotherapist in athletes, especially in tennis players who, if necessary, could treat any of our players with a special price. It also maintains continuous contact with our technical staff to know the evolution of the players with whom it collaborates.

To this we add the nutritional control by our nutrition expert who, after analyzing the player’s personal case, will prepare a specific nutritional plan adapted to the player’s energy and metabolic needs.

The prices of this program are adjusted to the needs of the player.

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To receive more information fill out the form below or use the contact page to explain your specific case.

To receive more information fill out the form below or use the contact page to explain your specific case.